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Hi, I’m Kim.


Here are some random facts about me. I have lived and worked on both land and sea. I grew up in Northern California in a fig tree that I called my ship, and today I'm working towards my 100 ton captain's license. I write country music on Fridays, regularly. What are we without routine? I live in Baltimore with my two kids and our cat Ginger. 

My first design job was in Athens, Greece, at the prestigious firm Red Design. We tossed fruit in the air to create wild packaging solutions for Ivi beverages, drank a little too much Ouzo during lunch, and approached every project with a ton of creative fun, notable among them was the watercolor mark for the 2001 Olympics. 

I have had every job under the sun – ice cream scooper, lifeguard, law office file clerk, food packaging designer, costumes at Disneyland, lingerie designer, dressmaker, art teacher, art director for a skate company, creative director at a Credit Union, designer of political things, taker of photographs, yoga instructor, and maker of Kimchi. 

When I left California my work shifted from fashion, surf, skate to education, politics, and health. I love the creative process and am honored to put it to good use for the people and organizations I believe in.

Need design or visual support? Send me an email, I would love to talk with you about your next project!

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